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Window Cleaning

The windows of your office need some serious cleaning? Contact Groupe Skytec right now!

Different factors can explain why your windows get so dirty:

  • The place where your company is situated (a busy street or near a construction site)
  • The outdoor landscaping (if there are trees nearby or a parking lot)
  • The weather conditions (rain, dust, snow, pollen, leaves, violent winds, etc.)

That is why your windows need to be cleaned at least twice a year. By entrusting this job to Groupe Skytek, you will be dealing with serious and experienced professionals.

We offer different services:

  • Specialized cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning

We clean both windows found on ground and at higher levels. When it comes to cleaning windows found on the upper levels, we use an 86 foot aerial bucket and scaffolds. We service the Ontario region non-stop.

We operate mainly in the Gatineau, Montréal, Ottawa, Kingston and Cornwall region.

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